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Drinking 2 h plus 5 snacks 【2 nd party plan】

Drinking 2 h plus 5 snacks 【2 nd party plan】

By using a coupon2500 Yen

  • 5items
  • 2-20persons
All-you-can-drink available

You can change the premium all you can drink at 2 h with all you can drink (LO 30 min. Before) + 500 yen.

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

A second-party plan that is all-inclusive with drinks and snacks.Do you decide the time of the year-end party and the location of the second party?

Course menu

All you can drink 2h + 500 yen with barrel raw heartland, corona etc ... with!

· Sweet potatoes

· Cold meatloaf

· Today's quiche pie

·Raw ham

· Fresh Fries Potatoes

* It may be changed without notice depending on the purchase situation.Please acknowledge it.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Suntory angle
· Almaden Classic Red, White
· Shochu
· Kinmiya
· Bifita Jin
· Gin Tonic / Jim Buck
·Plum wine
· Rock / Water split / Soda
· Cassis orange cassis oolong cassis back cassis soda fuzzy neeb cuanyan peach soda lemon sour lemon high strawberry sour mint sour lima sour lime high oulong high moscommuel kitty operator keel splitzer
· Non-cock cocktail
· Strawberry Milk Blueberry Milk Caramel Milk Lemonade Lemon Squash Strawberry Squash Blueberry Squash Mint Squash
·Soft drink
· Coffee / Coca Cola / Ginger Ale / 100% Orange / 100% Apple / Oolong Tea

2019/01/17 update